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High quality steel manufacturing

The company is specialized in special high quality steel and can supply a wide range of products in any type of high-quality steel. Indeed the production capacity of Rubiera Special Steel goes from 1,6 to 145 tons of different steel, covering a wide range of requests.

One of the primary advantages of Rubiera Special Steel’s production are the customizations upon specific requests of clients, whether it’s remelted steel, or custom ingot sizes. This flexibility allows the company to satisfy any request, leaving intact the quality of the supply.

Customized production of remelted steel or custom ingot sizes

High production flexibility

Small size melts (30 tons min)


Product range
  • Polygonal Ingots: 3-135 tons
  • Multifaced Ingots: 21-145 tons
  • Round Ingots: 3-37 tons
  • Square Ingots: 1.6-37 tons

Remelted ingots

Nowadays the most advanced technical applications require more and more ESR products or VAR products. These methods guarantee an excellent quality of the material, drastically reducing the presence of inclusions and segregations.
esr product range

From ø 700 mm to ø 1800 mm

Weight: 12-100 tons

var product range

From ø 500 mm to ø 1070 mm

Weight: 6-27 tons

Forged bars

Forged bars

Rubiera Special Steel can forged any type of steel.
Production range
  • Round bars: min ø 200 mm
  • Square bars: min side 200 mm
  • Flat bars: min thickness 200 mm

Innovation for the future


Customized production