Innovation for the future

The structure and the production facilities of Rubiera Special Steel SpA are set up in such a way as to guarantee the superior homogeneity and integrity of the materials produced. The investments in new remelting plants and new production technologies allow the company to look to the future mainteining the vocation for innovation.

Forno elettrico ad arco

Current electric arc furnace (EAF)

80 tons
  • Capacity to melt whole blocks up to 15 tons
  • High level of homogeneity of the material
  • Inexistent risk of slag in the ladles
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Secondary metallurgy

The refining plant of the company has:

  • n.03 Ladle Furnace (LF)
  • n.03 Vacuum Degasing Stations (VD), one of which ecquipped for VOD process.

Each LF is equipped with its own VD and our equipment guarantees optimal mixing of the material to obtain homogeneity and a high level of cleanliness.

80 tons
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Impianto di colaggio in sorgente

Bottom pouring area

Rubiera Special Steel has n.02 pouring areas, the first one is the historical company's plant, while the second one is more recently.

The structure and the layout of the two departments guarantees a smooth matereal flow and accurade reproducibility of the melting cycle.

Capacity 1° plant
max. 40 tons
Capacity 2° plant
max. 135 tons

Annealing furnace

Rubiera Special Steel has n.17 annealing furnaces.
Forno di ricottura
Impianto di raffreddamento

Slow cooling boxes

Rubiera Special Steel has n.15 slow cooling boxes.
Rifusione sottoscoria ESR

Electroslag remelting ESR

The company has state of the art facilities for the production of Electro-Slag (ESR). Continuing on the pioneering trail that has characterized the history of the company, Rubiera produced the largest Remelted ESR ingot in 15-5 PH ever.
Capacity 1° plant
From 8 to 35 tons
Capacity 2° plant
From 35 to 100 tons
Rifusione sottoscoria ESR
Rifusione sottovuote VAR

Vacuum arc remelting VAR

The cutting-edge plant for the vacuum arc remertling (VAR) production allows to obtain products with round sections from 500 mm to 1.070 mm.
From 5 to 27  tons