27 November 2020

Rubiera Special Steel News

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Rubiera, 27 November 2020 - Certification ISO 45001:2018 and 50001:2018

The Certifications ISO 45001:2018 and 50001:2018 reached by Rubiera Special Steel SpA respectively in october and november 2020 represents its constant  commitment to more security in working places for  its own workers and employees, with particular attention to the correct use of energy resources. Rubiera Special Steel  strives for continuous improvement of its organisation through its staff’s formative growth and involvement as well as through ongoing technological investments.


 Rubiera, 11 February 2020 - Adhesion to the socially useful project "Progetto del Cuore"

Rubiera Special Steel, this year, has joined the Project denominated "Progetto del Cuore" and, in recent days, was held the delivery ceremony of the vehicle equipped for the transport of the disabled to the DinDown Association in favor of the Community of Rubiera.Therefore, the company's engagement remains constant in the realization of really useful services to the families and the more disadvantaged citizens.


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