Rubiera impianti


The structure and the production facilities of Rubiera Special Steel S.p.A are set up to ensure a higher homogeneity and integrity of the manufactured materials.

In addition, though the Company’s was built over a half of a century ago, its layout has been designed to optimise flow of production and reduce safety related hazards.

Rubiera Special Steel, is characterised by a high productionflexibility thus always ensuring excellent delivery times.


  •       1 EAF Melting Furnace
  •       3 Refining Plants with individual Degassing Plants
  •       2 Departments  for Bottom Pouring
  •       1 Machinery for Continuous Casting
  •       2 Facilities for Electroslag Remelting (ESR)
  •       1 Plant for Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)


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