The Rubiera steel mill was founded in 1965 by Mr. Franco Testi in an area mainly dedicated to the ceramic industry.

In 1970 the steelworks starts its specialisation in high-Integrity steels and becomes the first steel mill in Italy to supply vacuum degassed ingots to the market.

Since then, the continuous investments have enabled the Company to prove itself as a pioneer in the steel field:

- In the early 90’s the DC EAF Furnace isintroduced

- At the beginning of 2000’s  several investments are made among which the introduction of a  production line to manufacture ingots up to 130 tons along with the introduction of an additional refining and degassing plant

- In 2009 the new ESR and VAR remelting facilities is installed

- In 2013 Acciaieria di Rubiera changes its Management and Ownership to the Galperti Family thus changing its Company Name into Rubiera Special Steel S.p.A

The Galperti Family, with100 years’ experience in the steel industry, will uphold the values of quality, teamwork, security and attention to the environment which have characterized the history of Rubiera steelmill.


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