Rubiera azienda


Rubiera Special Steel S.p.A has been the first Italian steelworks on the market to employ the vacuum degassing process and since then it has specialised in the production of high-integrity steels.

In 2009 Rubiera installed a state of the art remelting facilities that gave Rubiera once again the chance to be a pioneer in the steel worldby producing the biggest remelted ESR ingot in 15-5 PH Material.

Our Plant, based in Casalgrande in the province of Reggio Emilia, has a 250.000 sq.m.  surface out of which 40.000 sq. m. of covered area and has a manufacturing capacity of 200.000 tons of steel per year.

The continuous investments, the collaboration with  Modena university along with the huge expertise of Rubiera Team, enable us to satisfy the most various requests and to establish long-lasting and trustworthy partnerships with our customers and suppliers.


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